Andrea Sandoval

I have been fortunate enough to travel down a road of alternative healing modalities at a very young age. Following some personal trials and tribulations with health, I began exploring new possibilities for healing, becoming inspired through finding help for myself and those I could help along the way. Little did I know this would become the start of my career in health and wellness.


In 2003, I received certification in Reiki level 1 and 2, discovering new ways to share the gifts that I learned to help people feel centered and balanced.


It was only a few months later that I was introduced to Bowen Therapy by a very dear friend who raved about how remarkable of a bodywork therapy it can be. Then I began my journey with Bowen Therapy in early 2004, working alongside my instructor for over 3 years in Vancouver’s first Bowen Therapy clinic. During these years, I also ran the Bowen Canada Registry, truly submerging myself into what is now the primary focus of my practice.


While pursuing my love for Bowen Therapy, I added to my repertoire of healing modalities by becoming a Certified Pellowah Practitioner, a modality that aids one in their own personal connection, growth and transformation.


Since I became a Certified Bowen Therapist, I have furthered my training to include Specialized Bowen Procedures, Mind-Body Bowen, and Mother Baby Bowen. I continue to honor my calling to help people along the journey of life and to ease their pain and discomfort in whatever way I can. By following my passion and doing what I love, I always give thanks for having the opportunity to be a part of ones journey towards better health.